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Engine details
Model Xichai A490 (BPG), (Euro III standard)
Engine type In-line arrangement, water-cooled, four-cycle diesel Engine
Rated power 36,8KW
Rated speed 2650r/min(rpm)
Fuel consumption ratio 230g/kw.H
Overall dimensions
Overall lenght 5200 (bucket on ground position)
Overall height Ground to Cab top 2550mm
Overall width 1740mm
Operating secifications
Steering system Articulated frame with hydraulic power steering
Min. turning radius 5450mm
Driving system Hydraulic converter
Transmission system
Type Fixed-spindle powder shift
Shift gear control oil pressure 1,0 - 1,8 MPa
Rated input speed 2500 (rpm)
Bucket capacity 0,53m3
Bucket width 1740mm
Bucket type Heavy-duty bolt on teeth
Rated load 1200kg
Operating weight 3300kg
Brake system
Service brake Four wheel hydraulic spread-shoed brake
Parking brake hand operated
Tire 20,5/70-16